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Experience the Dunes on Horseback

General News|October 19th, 2022
As the season comes to an end for the ORV users, November brings unique opportunity for a completely different experience riding the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Michigan Shoreline Horse... Read More

It’s Still too Soon to Say Farewell

General News|September 7th, 2022
It’s about that time of the year when the days gets colder and the air begins to cool down. But before summer is gone for good, make sure you... Read More

Two-Day Fall Getaway

General News|August 29th, 2022
Two-Day Fall Getaway to Silver Lake When we think of Silver Lake, we often think of summer days full of sun and sand. As we reach the end of... Read More

Get To Know The Dunes

General News|August 26th, 2022
You have arrived….so, what’s next? We have assembled all of the information you will need for a great day on the dunes. From parking pitfalls to getting legal, we... Read More

Stars & Storms

General News|August 13th, 2022
It is no doubt that Silver Lake is most famous for its dunes, which provide the opportunity for many to take their ORVs for a spin. Right next to... Read More

A ‘Little’ Lighthouse with a Big...

General News|August 5th, 2022
The Little Sable Lighthouse in Silver Lake is one of the best places to escape to around town. It boasts beautiful views of the coastline as well as being... Read More

Little Bit of Local: Mac Dunes

General News|July 30th, 2022
One of the oldest family businesses in the area is Mac Dunes. They have been around for 92 seasons now. If you’re in Silver Lake, going on one of... Read More

S.A.N.D. & Be Safe

General News|July 29th, 2022
The Silver Lake & Hart Visitor’s Bureau & Chamber of Commerce, in communication with local partners are working together to safeguard Michigan’s premier destination for ORV adventure, Silver Lake... Read More

Things to do in the Dunes

General News|July 27th, 2022
The sand dunes aren’t just about the ORV area! There are also acres designated for pedestrians with many opportunities for fun. Go for a hike It may be a... Read More

A Picturesque Shoreline City

General News|July 24th, 2022
Just 30 minutes north of Silver Lake sits Ludington, Michigan- a picturesque city situated on the lake’s shoreline with its downtown lined with local shops and restaurants. It’s a... Read More

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