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Experience the Apple BBQ Festival and Beyond in...

General News|September 1st, 2023
As the leaves begin to change, the areas of Silver Lake and Hart, Michigan come alive with a buzz of activity. Our quaint towns hum with an energetic vibe,... Read More

Explore Watercraft and Sandboarding Rentals

General News|August 2nd, 2023
If you are a water enthusiast, Silver Lake is the place to be. Ranging from the magnificent views and entertaining activities, the opportunities here are endless. Whether you bring... Read More

More Than Dunes: Making the Most of Your Silver...

General News|July 31st, 2023
“What else is there to do in Silver Lake other than the dunes?” We are glad you asked and are happy to share some great ideas for planning your... Read More

Itinerary Series: A Day In the Silver Lake/Hart...

General News|July 17th, 2023
As the sun shines bright and the breezy air carries the scent of blooming wildflowers, summer is undoubtedly the best time to experience the multitude of activities and local... Read More

July in Full Swing: Celebrate with Silver Lake and...

General News|June 30th, 2023
As the summer heat peaks, the Silver Lake and Hart region in Michigan brims with a variety of lively local happenings.   July Is Off With A Bang We... Read More

Let Us Entertain You!

General News|June 5th, 2023
Throughout the summer season the Silver Lake & Hart area invites you to gather and enjoy live entertainment featuring local talent from around our region. Whether you are sipping... Read More

Silver Lake Dune Season: Full-Speed Ahead for...

General News|May 26th, 2023
Dune Season Has Officially Begun! As the streets fill with people, local businesses reopen their doors, and the impressive Silver Lake Sand Dunes get ready for another thrilling season... Read More

Oceana County’s Outstanding Trails and Parks

General News|May 19th, 2023
Imagine the beauty of lush green parks, tranquil trails, the thrill of biking, and the awe-inspiring spectacle of sand dunes – all within a short distance of each other.... Read More

Itinerary Series: A Day In the Silver Lake/Hart...

General News|April 27th, 2023
After the snow melts and flowers start to bloom, there’s no better time to shake off the winter blues and embark on a fun-filled day of adventure in the... Read More

The Wait Is Over: Now We Dune!

ThinkDunes|April 3rd, 2023
The wait is finally over… April is here.  Now, instead of think dunes – we can actually dune! As fun as Michigan winters can be, we are ready to... Read More

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