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There are so many memories just waiting to be made in the Silver Lake Sand Dunes area. But first — you’ve got to figure out where to stay!

Based on your preferences, there is something for everyone.

Choosing the right accommodations will enhance your trip and make for a lasting vacation your whole family will remember. While many visitors prefer to truly rough it in one of the area’s numerous campgrounds when they come to the Dunes, there are also RV resorts, cottages, and cabins too. These offer a comfortable compromise between outdoor living and some creature comforts you might prefer not to live without.

And of course, if you’re simply lost without your WiFi and Jacuzzi tub, or campsite living just isn’t your thing, not to worry — it’s hotels, motels, and lakeside resorts to the rescue. Oceana County has it all!

To find your perfect accommodations in the area, browse below!

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