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Your Ice Cream Bucket List

General News|July 15th, 2022

You have heard of a beer crawl, but how about an ice cream crawl? This National Ice Cream Day (and everyday), celebrate by making a pit stop at the local ice cream shops in Silver Lake. There are plenty of places to get your ice cream fix while you’re in town- visiting at least one of them is an item on the SLSD bucket list.

Whippy Dip

At the Whippy Dip, you’ll find unique flurry flavors… and a challenge. The Test Hill is served on a frisbee with heaps of soft serve ice cream and plenty of toppings. No matter what your favorite combination, you will find it in the Test Hill. This monstrous ice cream order is the perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. If you’re looking for a smaller serving, them perhaps try a slush or one of the delicious flurry mixes; the Dune Tracks flurry includes soft serve swirl, brownie chunks, and Reese’s cups. What Whippy Dip is really known for, however, is their turtle sundaes: vanilla ice cream, hot caramel, and nuts- yum! Have we convinced you to try Whippy Dip yet?

Silver Scoops Café and Creamery

Twenty flavors of hard scoop ice cream? Yes please! Silver Scoops has all the ice cream you could imagine- even a create your own flurry option that lets you choose two ingredients to incorporate in your ice cream (the brownie and cheesecake combo is highly recommended). Their soft serve ice cream comes from Country Dairy, while the hard scoop is from across the lake- a Wisconsin creamery called Cedar Chest. This establishment is located close to the entrance of the dunes, so it’s a nice place to cool off after a long day on the ORV.

Tasty Creationz

Need a bucket of fries to go with that? You can order one with your ice cream at Tasty Creationz! At this place, you’ll find a little face on your ice cream; they always had little candy googey eyes to your order, which is a fun touch for a fun food. Tasty Creationz can be found near Craig’s Cruisers, and, like the other ice cream hotspots listed, they serve delicious take out food like wraps and chicken strips.

Country Dairy

Country Dairy is a West Michigan staple with their ice cream, milk, and eats. At their farm, you can pick up a burger from their restaurant with a double scoops of ice cream and get a tour of the farm. They put their own spin on their hard scoop ice cream flavors, which are delicious; they have 32 flavors to choose from, so it may be difficult to pick!

Ice cream is the peak summer food, so you have to try one of the many shops in Silver Lake while you’re here! Be sure to try a signature flavor when you go to one.

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