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Life on the Waves

General News|July 14th, 2022

Silver Lake isn’t just about the sand dunes. There is so much to do out on the water too! After all, lake is in the name. You can pick your preference: boating, jet skiing, kayaking, or swimming. Each activity is perfect to do during a Michigan summer.

Water Access

If you are looking to put our boat in, then the launch at Silver Lake State Park Day Use area is probably your best bet- just make sure you have a recreational passport. Be aware that Silver Lake can be too shallow for bigger boats, so check if your craft is meant to be on Silver Lake! Otherwise, you can head up to Pentwater or out to Lake Michigan.

Dive In

Are you looking to cool off after a long afternoon on the dunes? If you want to jump in for a swim in Silver Lake, then go to the Day Use area at Silver Lake State Park and set up your beach chair. You can also take a walk through the pedestrian area of the dunes to set up an umbrella along Silver Lake, but you would need to go for a sandy hike to get there!

Perhaps you’re looking for the prime spot along Lake Michigan. With miles of pristine shoreline, you’re sure to find somewhere! There is beach access in the dunes if you want to drive your ORV through and park it. Along the shoreline, there is dedicated beach parking for duners to take a swim. You can also access Lake Michigan through the pedestrian area. Be warned, though, it’s about a 1.5 mile hike!

The beach by the Little Sable Lighthouse is always a favorite for swimming and to get an excellent view of the sunset. While you’re there, you could even climb the lighthouse to get a gorgeous glimpse of the shoreline.

About a quarter mile away from the lighthouse, is Golden Township beach, which is a little more secluded. There is a small parking lot right on the corner and little trail to take you to the water.

Cedar Point County Park sits in a sweet spot between Silver Lake and Pentwater. Take the tiered wooden steps through the forest canopy and out to the water. You can enjoy the swimming and picnic area while you’re there.

There are also plenty of places to stay with private beach access or pools to jump into!

Rentals on the Water

There are so many ways to enjoy Silver Lake, and boating is one of them! At Wave Club, you can rent out a pontoon or a ski boat for a day. On a day with good wind, you can even try sailboats. Wave Club also has jet skis available. There are many bucket list opportunities at Silver Lake. If motorsports aren’t your thing, then rent out a paddle board to take across the lake. The calm water of Silver Lake is the perfect place to go for a paddle. The perfect day on the water is waiting for you at Wave Club.

Over in Montague at Happy Mohawk Canoe Livery, you can find rafts, kayaks, canoes, or rafts to take a trip down the White River, which has been nationally designated. You can go with the flow of the river as you float to your heart’s content. Taking a trip down the White River is a wonderful way to relax on the weekend.

Silver Lake isn’t simply just sand- you can enjoy life on the water here too!

Photo credit: @silverlakesandbox on Instagram or visit their website.

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