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Things to do in the Dunes

General News|July 27th, 2022

The sand dunes aren’t just about the ORV area! There are also acres designated for pedestrians with many opportunities for fun.

  • Go for a hike

It may be a little difficult to trek through sand, but the views of Silver Lake and Lake Michigan is worth it. You can conquer the dunes as you walk the 1.5 miles to the Michigan coastline.

  • Slide down the sand

Rent a sand board from The Sandbox to take for a spin. You could also bring a sled with you- they don’t have to just be used during the winter! Take advantage of the sun and sand while you can before the snow comes.

  • Create a cosplay

Star Wars fans, we’re looking at you! The sand dunes are a great place to pose for a photo since they look pretty similar to Tatooine. Get your Obi Wan moment in at SLSD.

  • Have a photoshoot

Whether you need senior pictures, engagement photos, or just want to need a new post for Instagram, then the sand dunes may just be the place for you. There are some gorgeous shots that you can get while you’re hanging out in the pedestrian area.

  • Beach it

You can find your own place along Silver Lake or Lake Michigan to put up an umbrella. It may be a little bit of a walk, but it is worth it for the privacy! Skip the busy crowds at the other beach areas and pick a personal spot of your own.

  • Sit back and relax

You can enjoy many of your favorite activities on the dunes. Bring a book with you and perch atop the dunes to read or take your easel or sketchbook because there are plenty of beautiful landscapes to capture.

There are more to the dunes than what meets the eye. Whatever your interests are, you can fulfill them at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

Picture credit: @gary_syrba

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