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Itinerary Series: A Day In the Silver Lake/Hart Areas (Summer Edition)

General News|July 17th, 2023

As the sun shines bright and the breezy air carries the scent of blooming wildflowers, summer is undoubtedly the best time to experience the multitude of activities and local businesses in the Silver Lake and Hart areas. Nestled in Oceana County, these delightful communities offer a blend of outdoor adventures and local gems waiting to be discovered. Follow this summer day trip itinerary to savor the best of what the region has to offer.


Morning: Beachside Breakfast and A Morning Swim

Start your day with a hearty beachside breakfast at the popular local coffee stop, Lighthouse Grill on the roundabout – new this year, they offer a breakfast buffet! Enjoy their sumptuous offerings as you bask in the early morning sun with the gentle sounds of Silver Lake waves in the backdrop.

Next, take a refreshing dip in the lake itself. Known for its clear waters, Silver Lake is an idyllic spot for a morning swim or a quick paddle boarding session.


Mid-Morning: Dune Explorations

As the day warms up, it’s time for a thrilling journey across the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Choose from local rental services like Silver Lake Buggy Rentals, SunBuggy Silver Lake ORV Rentals, Silverback Off Road ORV Rental, or Mac Woods Dune Rides, and buckle up for an adrenaline-filled ride over the iconic dunes. Feel the thrill of navigating the vast sandy expanse under the clear summer sky.


Lunchtime: Local Delights and Craft Beers

After an action-packed morning, head over to Hart for a scrumptious lunch at Big Hart Brewery. Enjoy an array of delectable dishes made from locally sourced ingredients and perfectly complement your meal with a glass of their craft beer brewed on-site. Or stop by the Silver Lake Chicken Shack, they offer the best seasoned rotisserie chicken!


Afternoon: Discovery Walk through Hart

Spend the rest of your afternoon exploring the charming streets of Hart. Discover unique shops and local attractions within Hart’s Social District. Don’t forget to visit the Oceana County Historical & Genealogical Society to delve into the region’s rich history. As you wander, grab a refreshing smoothie from the Lakeside Coffee/Smoothie/Bagel Bar.


Late Afternoon: Lakeside Leisure

Wind down your day back at Silver Lake. Rent a kayak or paddleboard from Wave Club Water Sport Boat Rentals and set off for a leisurely paddle as you drink in the tranquility of the late afternoon. Or simply find a calm spot along the shoreline, let the gentle breeze cool you down, and watch the sunset over the calm waters.


Experience the Summer in Silver Lake and Hart

A summer day in the Silver Lake and Hart areas offers countless opportunities for recreation and relaxation. From lakeside breakfasts and dune rides to local shopping and lakeside lounging, there’s something for everyone in these captivating corners of Oceana County. Embrace the summer and experience the vibrancy of Silver Lake and Hart!

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