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With the bounty of produce grown in the communities of Silver Lake, Hart, and Mears, it’s no wonder the area offers such a uniquely delicious take on food and drink. From quick bites of the favorites you crave to more elaborate sit down dinners accompanied by a glass of locally-made wine, there is something for every palate.

To serve the hungry crowd of Duners coming in after a long, fun day, the immediate Silver Lake area offers a wide array of American food staples such as burgers, wings, and even cold treats. If you’re in the mood for something with more of a cultural flair like pizza, pasta, tacos, or seafood, there are a variety of esteemed restaurants nearby to satisfy.

Though small and scenic, the greater Silver Lake area is also home to multiple wineries and a craft brewery. Stop in and pair a glass or mug with a cheese board or delicious meal, and don’t forget to buy a bottle (or two) to savor back at home!

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