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The Wait Is Over: Now We Dune!

ThinkDunes|April 18th, 2017

Our long nightmare is over. April has swooped in and saved the day. No longer do we solely think dunes – we can actually dune!

A Michigan winter can be infuriating for a multitude of reasons, but for the dedicated duners, the inability to get out onto the Silver Lake Sand Dunes rests near the top of the list. Sure, there are plenty of wintertime activities we can partake in to substitute our dune urges; however, there’s no true replacement for the magic of whipping around the dunes. The building excitement of entering the parking lot, the ascent up Test Hill, the sounds of the engines revving, the feel of the wind on our faces, the views, and more, all compose an unparalleled Michigan experience.

We battled through the snow and cold to arrive to this beautiful happening. Some people designate baseball’s arrival or the release of an orange-flavored beer as the surest sign of spring – not us dedicated duners, though. Opening Day, April 1st, signifies spring’s glorious return. We don’t look forward to robins nestling in our yards and sprouting flowers this time of year, we look forward to dune buggies and ATVs zipping across the sand dunes.

To those who try and tell us it’s still a bit too chilly to get out there, we laugh, throw on an extra layer of clothing, and descend upon the dunes. It’s our playground and it missed us during these winter months. Rain, sleet, snow, or whatever bizarre weather Michigan tries and throw at us won’t stop us from riding the dunes from now until November.

Starting now, watching the Silver Lake Sand Dunes area bloom into summer is also magnificent. Slowly, the area marches toward summer, which brings forth copious visitors seeking beaches, adventure, dunes, golf, family fun, and more. More and more places in the area open as we progress closer to the summer and the school bell’s final ring. The dune riders are like the area’s robins, which reveal that beautiful days are ahead – and soon. Dune riders are the sign that the progress toward a bustling summertime destination is underway.

Get those dune buggies and ATVs out of storage. Their true home is ready once again. Now go dune!

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