Dunes - Think Dunes - Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Seeing the Silver Lake Sand Dunes for the first time.

Walking barefoot along their peaks of warm sand. Feeling your hair whip back as your ORV takes you up and over one of their towering mountains!

You land! And there’s Lake Michigan as far as the eye can see before you.

The Sand Dunes of Silver Lake are for everyone. You neither have to be an expert dune buggy driver nor a veteran hiker to experience them close-up. No matter your age or physical ability, there’s a way to take in the amazing beauty and majesty that these dunes have to offer.

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You have arrived….so, what’s next? We have assembled all of the information you will need for a great day on the dunes. From parking pitfalls to getting legal, we will make sure you have the lay of the land once you hit the sand.

The 5 key dune areas

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