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Mike Bailey, Owner

Located near the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, LLForge has evolved from a backyard pastime into a small hobby business.  LLForge uses both traditional blacksmithing methods and bladesmithing techniques.  All projects are created in a coal fired forge.  Each piece is made with artful care and attention to detail and function.  To date, LLForge has produced  such products as, hand forged furniture for the home and garden, damascus and high carbon knives and axes, damascus rings, pendants and earrings, as well as fireplace sets, coat and pan racks, fire pokers, hooks and more!

Learn to Forge at LLForge 

Now offering a “hands on” fun learning experience for ages 12 and up.  Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  You will use a coal fired forge to make a project of your choice (materials and time permitting).  Visit llforge.com/blog to see what some of LLForge guests have made to date.  A truly unique opportunity!  Or if you are a bit unsure if you want to use the forge you can book a demonstration only.  Book online at

Call or text 231-571-7925

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Forge a Railroad Spike Knife

Forge a Steel Rose

Damascus from Billet to Blade

Hand Hammer a Copper Calla Lilly

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