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Technology Problem Solvers!

Technology Services

Technology Support

Technology provides value only when operating correctly. Unfortunately, most SMB’s don’t have the internal expertise or time needed to maintain their systems accurately. CMT can help by providing complete or supplemental technology support to any environment.

Technology Solutions

Business and Technology are constantly evolving. As a result, new solutions are needed to stay profitable and efficient. CMT has a team dedicated to taking your business idea and transforming it into a technology advantage or simply helping to better utilize existing products.

Technology Consulting

Business owners are experts at wearing multiple hats, which often occurs with technology. Unfortunately, this practice can lead to poor planning, operation, and efficiency. Get the most out of your technology investments by engaging with CMT’s professional technologists.


Connectivity is the glue that binds all digital solutions, and it comes in many shapes and sizes. Without connectivity hardware becomes useless, the software is inefficient, and smart solutions turn dumb. CMT has a team of experts at delivering the dynamic solutions and connectivity that businesses need.

Cyber Security

Cyber Assessments

The starting point for most organizations, the goal of security assessments are to identify and quantify the risks to an organization’s information assets. The knowledge gained here helps create a blueprint for all future actions. CMT has a mature process, expertise, and tools to make this effort seamless so organizations have a clear risk picture.

Security Consulting

Security consulting takes place throughout the process, however, it typically begins after your security assessment completes. Organizations are presented with a picture of their risk and are often overwhelmed. CMT helps to make sense of the data and plan for the future.

Security Operations

Once established, the goal of a cybersecurity program is to continuously protect your data. To do this, security operations must be prioritized and maintained. Most organizations lack the manpower and expertise needed to properly conduct operations. CatchMark has the expertise to manage the overall cybersecurity program as a business function, or fill a specific cybersecurity gap.

Security Establishment

Upon completion of an assessment, organizations realize that cybersecurity involves more than just technical solutions. The most effective way to ensure your data is secure is the establishment of a cybersecurity program. CMT provides the blueprint, assists with implementation, and does it all utilizing cutting edge tools to make the effort as seamless as possible

Digital Marketing & Media

Web Development

As the most popular website platform, millions of websites worldwide are built on WordPress, and we can use its power and flexibility to give your website the ease of use and worry-free reliability that you expect.

Web Marketing

Marketing and advertising tailored to connect you to your audience. We’ll promote your website with SEO & Google marketing services to attract new visitors to your site to grow your business.

Web Hosting

Domain and hosting are essential you need to build a business online presence. There are several choices out there to choose from, but almost all of them are the same pricing. CatchMark can host and manage your website worry-free.

Website Maintenance

CatchMark provides ongoing website hosting care and maintenance. Keeping websites speedy, secure, and up-to-date after launch.

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