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Yeah We’re Closed, But…

ThinkDunes|February 2nd, 2017

Let us tell you a horror story. There is a white-coated monster roaming Michigan that seeks to ruin everyone’s good time. One day, we’re all zipping across the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, and this monster shows up armed with chilling blows. Terrorizing the terrain, this monster, which prowls from November 1st until April 1st, forces a Silver Lake Sand Dunes closure. One moment everyone is having fun, enjoying access to the dunes, then suddenly the monster howls, and we all retreat.

Yes, this monster’s reign is still occurring – however, now is the time to begin our fight back. Yes, Silver Lake Sand Dunes is currently closed because of this monster, but we can start the journey back to opening day by conjuring up our memories at the dunes, which reminds us of the good times ahead.

If you pass through the Silver Lake Sand Dunes right now you’d likely see fewer people than the Lions have playoff appearances. Many of the businesses shudder their doors during the winter, as the amount of residents in the area during this period dwindles. Just because things are physically closed doesn’t mean they have to be mentally closed.

Close your eyes. Now picture those beautiful 2,000 acres of sweeping sand dunes. This is your playground. Don’t allow the winter to make you forget about the fun you have there. Don’t let it slip from your mind. Now, turn that imaginary thermostat up. It’s warm at the dunes now. The sun is shining and begging you to get outside. You’re in your dune vehicle of choice now, making the ascension up Test Hill. ZOOM! And you’re off. You’re zipping around the dunes. There’s an adrenaline rush and laughter. You could spend all day out there, but alas, there’s more to the area than solely the dunes.

Or maybe you’re with your family at Mac Wood’s Dune Rides, ready for your 40-minute, 7-mile ride of fun. Your driver is giving you the history of these constantly changing sand mountains. And now you’ve arrived at the summit where you’re absorbing the vast, breathtaking panorama of the dunes and the water.

Nestled off Lake Michigan and adjacent to Silver Lake, you’re implored to take advantage of the water. A summer’s dip is the best way to cool off from all the fun riding the dunes, but a peaceful paddle, whether it’s via paddleboard or kayak, is perhaps the best way to unwind and relax.

Then of course, there’s all the fun at Craig’s Cruisers, the delicious chocolate milk at Country Dairy, indulging at Fox Barn Winery, the kiddy wonderland of Lewis Farm Market, the family friendly Golden Sands Golf Course & Bucket Bar and much, much more. The area teems with activities come early summer.

Sure, everything is closed here right now. But think those happy (and warm) thoughts about the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and all the fun things you’ll be able to do in a couple months. In the winter you may stop going to the dunes, but that doesn’t mean you must stop thinking about them.

See you April 1st!

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