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The Jeeps Are Coming! The Jeeps Are Coming!

Events & Festivals|May 14th, 2018

The word “invasion” seems scary, but here at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes we have one that is definitely friendly: The Jeep Invasion.

Yes, this is an invasion you’ll want to stick around for. Entering its third year, the Jeep Invasion continues its growth and popularity. Come June 1st, you absolutely want to be at the dunes for a weekend full of Jeeps, music, food, and all sorts of fun.

Hundreds and hundreds of Jeeps, from the likes of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Canada, Illinois, and more, partake in this annual event. It’s a celebration of the vehicle, it’s a celebration of the dunes. Jeep owners are a special breed, and there’s nothing like mingling with fellow owners and riding the 2,000-acre sand playground.

While some start the gathering on Thursday, May 31st at Golden Sands Golf Course & Bucket Bar for registration, an ice cream social, and music, the party commences on June 1st at 10am with a Kick Off Cruise & Convoy at Lane Automotive Inc. The day is then chockfull of trail rides, live music, dinner, and a dunes informational seminar. At Golden Sands there is also a Performance Marketplace, which features a family fun zone, adventure course, a test-your-Jeep Demo Track, and more.

On Saturday it becomes dunes day. At 7:30am, you’ll be able to participate in the tag, air, & flag check to make sure you’re ready to go for the dunes and enjoy a Bloody Mary bar and pancake breakfast at Golden Sands. At 10am, the parade to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes begins. The invasion is officially on. Seeing the dunes filled with a plethora of Jeeps is a sight to behold. It’s a memorable experience for Jeep owners. The entire day is filled with dune riding, trail rides, the fun at Performance Marketplace, and after-party at Golden Sands featuring live music, all-you-can-eat dinner, awards, and fireworks.

Then, on Sunday, is the 6th Annual Blessing of the Duners, held at the base of Test Hill. Jeep Invasion participants are encouraged to attend before rounding out their weekend with more dunes riding.

The Jeep Invasion is a young event but it’s already garnering so much attention and participation – as it well deserves. This should be something on every proud Jeep owner’s calendar each year. The Jeep Invasion embodies the spirit of what it’s like being a Jeep owner: lots of play.

Join your fellow Jeep enthusiasts the weekend of Junes 1st for adventure, sweet sounds of live music, delicious food, and all sorts of unforgettable fun.

Visit for a schedule of events, what to know, and registration information. Visit to learn more about the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

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