Red’s Maintenance

Walkerville, MI 49459

Red’s Maintenance specialize in exterior cleaning of your home, cottage and business.  Services include: Power washing, Deck Refinishing:


It’s amazing what the power of focused water can do. Red has been Power Washing Siding, Roofs, Driveways, Walkways
Gas stations, business fronts & sidewalks, Patios
Decks & more for years.

Improving exteriors spaces is my trade, craft and passion. Most people don’t realize how dirty and discolored their surfaces are until they see the before and after affect. Once they do, they’re wowed! Don’t let dirt & grime build up any longer. Start the season off right getting your exterior spaces cleaned up and ready for summer!


Wood takes a beating from the elements year by year. The top layer gets scratched, worn and gray from wind, water, dirt and grime but the inner beauty is still inside. We come in and properly power wash and sand away the top worn layer revealing the beautiful wood underneath. After that, we apply a stain/sealant that colors and protects the wood again for years to come.

All wood is in different stages of wear and tear. Sometimes simple maintenance is need and other times a more thorough deep sanding is needed to remove the imperfections.

Give us a call and we’ll be glad to stop out and give you a free estimate so you can know the nest steps to take!


Red’s Maintenance got it’s name from, well you! Robert “Red” Bulow has been serving customers and improving exterior spaces for over a decade. His friendly demeanor and kind business approach has led to customers referring to him by his nickname and not his actual name and when that happens, you’ve made friends and you’re doing business right.

“I love to serve customers and I treat every job like I was working for a close friend. I want to leave the job site with the customer being glad they hired me. I want to leave properties clean and fresh creating a relaxing environment they can now enjoy. I’ll give you top notch service and quality at affordable and reasonable rates.”


Robert “RED” Bulow


90/10 Services LLC

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